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Why Comar Law

jpegComar Law’s involvement in civil and human rights cases is what naturally attracted the firm in representing an Iraqi woman against members of the Bush Administration in federal court.


Comar Law has previous experience with Alien Tort Statute casesComar law’s principal, Inder Comar, participated in a human rights case brought by the people of Vietnam against manufacturers of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The law used by the Vietnamese people — the Alien Tort Statute — is the same law plaintiff Sundus Saleh is using in her suit against the Bush Administration.

Comar Law has fought against the US government on issues of public importanceIn 2012, Comar Law participated in a historic lawsuit against current and former Secretaries of Defense related to the problem of sexual assault in the United States military. The lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California, helped spark public debate and Congressional oversight of the military so that the plague of sexual violence against US servicemen and women could be addressed.

Comar Law has a proven track record in civil rights cases. Comar Law is currently litigating a lawsuit against the State of California related to its treatment of HIV positive patient inmates. Comar Law successfully defeated the State’s motion to dismiss. The case is currently in court-ordered settlement talks.

Comar Law works with the courts to protect fundamental rights. Comar Law regularly receives appointments from the courts of appeal in California regarding potential violations of the Bill of Rights in criminal trials.

Comar Law’s principal, Inder Comar, went to law school at the New York University School of Law, renowned for its program in international law. At NYU, Mr. Comar studied the Nuremberg Trials and their effect on international law. Mr. Comar received two Bachelor Degrees from Stanford University in Psychology and International Relations, and a Masters Degree in Sociology.

Prior to opening Comar Law, Mr. Comar worked for Latham & Watkins LLP, one of the largest law firms in the world, where he handled complex commercial and international litigations.

This background, particularly in fighting powerful interests, makes Comar Law a natural fit in litigating issues surrounding the Iraq War.